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Mondays - Saturdays  8:00 AM

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Sundays 7:00 AM y 9:00 AM

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Team Ministry

Rev. Francisco J. Anzoátegui

Rev. Albert H. Stankard

Rev. Gabino O. Macias, Parochial Vicar


Senior Deacon:

Guy J. Spiri



    Pedron L. Torres

    Alfredo Nieves and Mrs. Maria Nieves


Religious Education Coordinator:

James. J. Drummey

Assistant Coordinator: María M. Nieves


Pastoral Associate:

Enrique Méndez.



Gloria Villamil

Financial Manager:

Robert Percheski



Pat Robison

Building and Ground Supervisor:

Julio Alonzo

Cemetery Director:

Rick Diamond




As you may have noticed last weekend, our seminarian Mark Matthias is now a deacon. He was raised to the di-aconate in Brooklyn, NY on November 1st. We look forward to having him continue to serve us at St. Stephen until his ordination to the priesthood next June. Please keep him in your pray-ers. Deacon Mark also had another accomplishment this past weekend as he led his seminary baseball team, “The Relics”, to victory over a team from St. John’s Seminary. Mark hit two home runs in the same inning and was voted the Most Valuable Player of the game. Maybe the Red Sox could use a chaplain/designated hitter next year.

Advent Penance Service

In preparation for Christmas, we will hold a Penance Service in the Church this Monday, December 1st, at 7:00 p.m. Many visiting priests will be here to help us administer the Sacrament of Penance efficiently to those in attendance. This is a wonderful way to prepare for the Birth of Our Lord.

Here are some of the reasons we all need to make

good use of the wonderful Sacrament of Reconciliation:

* You shower to show respect for those around you;

cleaning your soul makes you better to be around, too.

* Love means having to say you are sorry to the one

you love — God.

* If you are hoping to convert on your deathbed, that's

not very likely. It is more likely that you will die as you


* Don't be scared to death of Confession. Be scared of death without


* Make sure there are no unpleasant surprises at your particular judgment.

* Be strong. Face your sins, deal with them, and move on.

What Are You Watching For?

In today’s Gospel beginning the season of Advent, Jesus tells us, “Be watchful! Be alert!” for we do not know when the end is coming. This does not mean staring at the sky and looking for signs, but rather faithfully carrying out our service to God and our neighbors every day. Some interpret these words as referring only to the end of the world, but can’t they also refer to the end our own personal world? Many people expect to live to a ripe old age, say, in their eighties or nineties, but there is plenty of evidence around us of persons who die very young, in their teens and twenties. So a good question to ask ourselves is whether we would live our daily lives any differently if we knew exactly when the end would come. Would we pray more? Would we go to church more? Would we be nicer to our family members and friends? Would we try to make up to someone whom we have hurt? Would we go to Confession (you have the chance to do that on Monday night)? What exactly would you do differently if you knew the end of your life was near? Ideally, we shouldn’t have to change much in our lives at all. We should already be doing the things mentioned above. But realistically, most of us could do a lot better in living the way God wants us to live. There are a lot of distractions that draw us away from God, so we have to work hard to stay close to Him in a society that wants to remove God entirely from our lives. Advent is a good time to think about these things, to reflect on coming closer to Jesus instead of focusing on parties and presents. “Be watchful! Be alert!” Jesus warns us, because our end may be closer than we think. Let’s make sure that when the Son of Man comes, He will find us watching and waiting.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

— The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, which falls on Monday this year, (tomorrow), is a holy day of obligation. There will be Masses at 8:00 a.m., 12:10 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. Please make an extra effort to honor Our Lady, Patroness of America, by attending one of these three Masses on the holy day.

Christmas Giving Tree

— Following our custom of recent years, you will see a Giving Tree in the sanctuary near the altar. On the tree are cards with information about children in our Parish in need of presents for Christmas. If you are able to help, please take a card, buy and wrap the gift, and return it to us — with the information card securely attached to the gift — no later than December 14th. While we are most grateful for your generosity in past years, the only problem is that some people who take the cards do not bring back any gifts, perhaps because they have lost the card. This means that some children do not receive the presents they were expecting. So please, if you do take a gift card, make sure you follow through by purchasing the gifts and returning them to us. There will be a book for you to give us your name and phone number, and the number of the card you took. Please make sure you sign the book.

Celebration of our Lady of Guadalupe - 2014

Saint Stephen Parish - Parroquia San Esteban